IT Support

Quality. Value. Whoever you are.

Here at GCComp, we believe that quality and value should come as standard: no matter how big or small you are. That’s why our IT support services are delivered on a completely bespoke basis. We give you the support you need, when you need it, at a price that fits with your size and budget. Unlike some IT services, which force you to sign up for things you don’t need, we’ll only ever charge you for the support and servicing you actually used, when you used it. Our IT support services are scaled to grow with your business – giving you the flexibility to manage your IT and communications without overreaching on budget. From small responsiveness to enterprise class robustness, our services give you what you need: reliability, great backup and the space to work. Most of our IT support can be done remotely, too, so you don’t end up paying for callouts.

Server Installation

The heart of your business, in the safest hands

Your server installation is the heart of your business, and our IT support service makes sure it’s in safe hands right from the word go. We design server installations as part of small and medium sized business networks, and we can also help you with hardware recommendations: both for the servers themselves and for the equipment you need to keep them working properly.

Keeping cool under pressure

Heat can cause severe problems for a server, and can ultimately be responsible for data loss or interruptions in the service you provide to your end user. Our server installation experts will make sure your system stays cool no matter what you do to it. Talk to us about fans, false floors and switches. Our expert system designers will create a server installation that maximises your power and data transfer speed without breaking your budget.

Delivering future-proofed data power

In today’s rapidly changing world, delivering servers that are powerful enough to run everything you need now isn’t enough. We look at your business’ IT requirements in detail before we recommend a server for you. Our goal is to keep your IT capability open-ended, ready for expansion as your business grows and technology advances.

Making the most of your space

Not every business is lucky enough to have a dedicated server room, cooled with air conditioning and raised floors. Our IT support team is excellently placed to make the most of the space you have available, with blade servers, mini servers and compact rack servers. If you need to control the power usage of multiple small servers in a confined space, we can also suggest rack mounted switches and power monitors.

Protecting the lifeblood of your business

Your business’ lifeblood is the data that resides on your servers. That data powers your website, your customer contacts and your internal processes. That’s why, when we develop a server installation, we also look at the security that protects it. We’ll recommend and install monitors, which will tell you when your server is running into problems, and we can also deliver web-based monitoring software solutions. A user-friendly interface lets you check detailed information about the performance of the server, and enables us to spot any potential issues early.

Protecting your bottom line

With years as IT support providers, we’ve developed a great contact book. That’s how we’re able to recommend top quality server hardware and software for any budget. We’ll never recommend gear that’s significantly beyond your price range, and we always deliver the service you need for the price you want to pay. Talk to us today about developing a server installation that’s right for your future business needs, and right for your wallet too.

Setting up your server From a single desktop server to a full business array, our qualified technicians will install your server, test it and bring it live. You don’t have to do a thing. We’ll even train you and your staff in the safe operation of the server once it’s running – and if you contract us to monitor your servers and IT infrastructure, we’ll keep it in perfect working order through planned maintenance and emergency response.

Server Monitoring

Keeping an eye on what matters most

Server monitoring is the best way to prevent catastrophic data failure on a business wide scale. Our IT support team is able to remotely view the condition of your server, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Using our knowledge both of the normal power and data load your business runs through the server, and the capacities of the server itself, we’ll be able to spot any problems long before they become serious, access the server either remotely or physically, and solve the issue.

Remote access or hands on repair?

Depending on the condition of your server, we may choose to go in remotely and change its settings; or we may need to attend your premises physically and inspect the hardware in more detail. You don’t need to worry about a thing: if there’s a serious problem, we will migrate your data safely to a temporary server while we fix or replace the item in question.

Keeping your software up to date

Out of date software is one of the most common causes of erratic server behaviour. We don’t only monitor your hardware to ensure that it’s physically performing as it should: we also keep an eye on the licences and known upgrades for the software you run on it. With a complete server monitoring package from our IT support team, you’ll never have to worry about keeping track of all your licences and upgrades again. Let us take the worry out of running an IT department: leaving you free to concentrate on the things you do best.

How it works

Our server monitoring software allows us to perform nearly all monitoring, diagnosis and repair without physical access to your machine. We can instantly call up server status reports, and view the data load on your network in real time. We can look at predictions for the power and memory space your disk will use in the future, and access historical reports to examine the past performance of the unit. We can see every event that happens in the server. If necessary, we can isolate it, transfer the data load to a different machine or go inside to perform a fix.

What about multiple servers?

No problem. Our IT support team can monitor, assess and fix multiple servers, either in an installation designed by us or in a historical installation. We can also assess the current efficiency of your server setup, recommend changes and consult on the design of a new network. Talk to us today about server monitoring and design: and start tomorrow with a more streamlined and power-efficient network.

Keeping your network up and running

Power outages are a frequent cause of service interruption – usually, they happen when one server is asked to perform too many power-intensive tasks at once. Our IT support team can monitor the power used by all of your servers, and remotely activate switches to keep every task running at the optimum speed.


Did you know that three quarters of all network faults are cable related?

From loose connections to overheated sheathing, our IT support team is here to put your network back on track. Ask us about cable replacements, hardware and IT purchase support, and cabling system design.

Your network is only as strong as its cables

Without working cables, your network has no lifeblood. A completely dysfunctional cable means no data gets through at all. Cables that are improperly or ineffectively routed, or which have too much data load going through them, will not work as well as they are intended. Talk to us about IT support in Nairobi designed to help you make the most of your network. Our network engineers are qualified to work on networks of all sizes.

We think about network cabling design so you don’t have to

Network design is as much about designing the cable routes as it is about specifying the right hardware systems for your business purposes. A structured cabling design ensures that no part of your system is overloaded unnecessarily, and that your whole network is easily scalable. Our IT support engineers can build your network cabling layout from scratch, or assess and alter your existing cabling to make the best possible use of your available power.

We bring you the brands that matter

You can’t afford to buy the wrong hardware for your network – but that doesn’t mean you have to go for the most expensive option every time. Our network engineers are here to give you advice as well as hands-on design and build assistance. We’ll recommend the manufacturer, model and quantity of network cables you need for your current and future needs, without stepping outside of your budgetary constraints.

We get you more power for your budget

While top of the range cables do carry data faster and manage power and heat loads better, it’s perfectly possible to design a robust cabling network using midrange or budget options. Take advantage of our expertise to find the best cable for your wallet: and make the most of our contact book. We’ll get you the best prices on the cables the pros use.

We make your network healthy again

Our first step is to diagnose your problem. Our qualified network engineer will test your hardware, your software and your cables to determine the precise nature of the fault. He or she then looks at ways in which your cabling system could be redesigned to speed up your network, make it less prone to faults and easier to expand in the future. If necessary, we’ll recommend manufacturers and models for new cabling: or if the problem is simply to do with the setup, we’ll design a new layout that best serves your power and data distribution needs.

We’re more than just a IT support company, Our network engineers do it all: cabling design, consultation, planning, project management and final system build. Plus, we keep you in the loop after we’ve installed your new network. Ask us about ongoing IT support services, from network cabling to mail server management.


Getting you connected – whatever your organisational size

We pride ourselves on the flexibility and robustness of our network designs. From a small start-up business to an established company, our networks help your business to breathe and to grow. We can design and build a whole network from scratch, design and fit add ons to an existing network, or take the network you already use and redevelop it to work better for your business’ needs.

Future-proofing your network

It’s vital that you future-proof a new or existing network, so you’ll always be ready to face the demands of the latest technologies. This is true both in terms of performance and security. Our IT support services include full network auditing and design. Let us know what you want your business to do, and we’ll show you the network you need to make it happen. We have design and implementation solutions to suit every business size and every budget.

A different network for every business

We believe that a network, like a brand or the company that built it, is individual. That means creating bespoke network solutions for every business that comes to us. We’ve developed networks for small independent companies and medium sized developed companies. Tell us what you do, and who you do it for. Our experienced network engineers will recommend the design, hardware and peripherals that fit the bill.

Network security for your business

Security is a key concern for modern networks. The average business comes under attack from online threats hundreds of times every day – and once a threat has penetrated your outer firewall, it can infect every PC, laptop and server in your system. Our network engineers are trained in the latest security protocols, and have years of experience protecting complex networks from attack. Don’t leave anything to chance: get the protection you need, when you need it.

Hardware and software purchasing

As your IT support partner, we’re able to get preferential prices on the hardware and software you need to create, run and profit from your network. We’ll recommend the best hardware for your budget and your needs, and the software that works best both with your end user and your operating system (OS). The result? Reliable, fast and friendly service, with savings we can pass straight on to you.

Server room design, Our experienced system and network designers have worked on many server room design projects, talk to us about your current and future server requirements – remembering that your power needs are likely to double within the next two years. We’ll design, purchase and build a server installation that keeps your internal network running fast and smooth; and which is ready to take the switches, cooling equipment and extra servers that will be necessary as your storage capacity expands.

Network Security

Keeping your networks safe – internally and externally

There’s more to network security than antivirus protection. Online attacks are getting more sophisticated and damaging – and a frightening proportion of security risks now happen inside the company. Our network security services are part of our IT service package: ask us for a standalone security audit, or book your network security upgrade as part of a full service and support product.

Protection from online attack: ecommerce

Online attacks aren’t only dangerous for your business: they’re dangerous for your consumers too. Make sure your ecommerce website protects your customers, by protecting your site. Our IT services include a full security audit of your ecommerce site, and an ongoing security package implementing everything we recommend during your audit. There is no obligation to buy our services after the audit has been completed – though with prices and expertise like this, we’d be amazed if you didn’t!

We take the time to combat threats – so you can relax

Implementing a proper online security regime takes time: time to specify and set up your antivirus software, time to set up and run automated backup files, and time to make periodic assessments of the threats that could put you out of business. But most of all, it takes time to keep your eye fully on the dangers out there in cyberspace, both old and new. Which is why our network security package includes dedicated ongoing support. We monitor your online and system health daily, and age constantly probing for any weaknesses that might be exploited by a virus or a malicious web user. The upshot of this is that you get to focus on growing your business, while we focus on catching the bad guys.

We protect you from internal threats

Intra-office fraud is on the rise. Our IT services also offer a bespoke internal security service, including audit and recommendations. Our internal security audit is carried out sensitively and effectively, and its recommendations can often be put into effect without any member of staff knowing that you’ve changed anything. From intranet sites to internal and external social media and email use, we’re here to make sure your business isn’t being hurt – deliberately or otherwise – from the inside.

We’ll never let your licence run out

If your antivirus software licence runs out, your hardware becomes unprotected. Our IT services incorporate a full software audit, and can take control of reordering the licences you need to stay protected. We’ll even use our own industry connections to get you the best possible deal on business antivirus software renewal prices.

We keep you away from harmful sites

Online attacks come from everywhere: including other websites. Our network security service includes constant monitoring of your business internet use to identify any fraudulent or phishing activity. We’ll compile full security reports for you and maintain a list of sites to exclude from your business firewall.

We train you to be safer There’s no substitute for being informed: and part of our IT services package is security training for you and your staff. We’ll give you the lowdown on what to do and what not to do online if you want to avoid spyware, malware and lethal viruses.

IT Consulting

We’re a full-service IT consultancy

With more than 20 years in the business, we pride ourselves on the extent of our IT services. Our IT consultancy packages are designed to give your business the tools and the strategy it needs to compete. Don’t leave your IT system design to chance. Talk to the experts.

Keeping you ahead of the curve

Ever heard of Moore’s Law? It states, roughly, that technology doubles in power every two years. Modern internet and IT commentators reckon that figure is more like every 18 months. You only have to look at smartphones to see how true that is. Modern IT support is all about strategizing your existing IT capability for its use in the future. Our IT support engineers are experts in designing future-ready systems: and as a bunch of confirmed networking geeks, we know about technology that hasn’t reached the shelves yet. Keep your system ready for the next big thing: stay ahead of the curve with GCComp.

Strategy consultancy

To stay in front of the technology curve, you need to strategize your IT purchasing. Our remote IT management service is ideal. We’ll recommend a current system, leaving plenty of room to develop bigger networks, or faster data handling, as your company grows. In close consultation with you, we identify the areas of your technology ownership that have the biggest implications for your business. We’ll also look at industry-wide norms and any technologies that are used specifically by your target audience: smartphones, for instance, or tablets. Then we design or rearrange your existing IT systems to make it easier for you to progress.

Understanding where you’re coming from

We’re not like other IT support companies. Yes, we’re geeks, and yes, we know a lot about the technologies you’ll be using now and in the future. But we’re also great at communicating, and our first order of business is to find out exactly who you are and what you do. We look at your business, your industry and your business goals. We examine the stakeholders who have an interest in your IT systems: your internal and external end users, the employees who use your database or in-house software programmes, and the customers who use your website. We look at where your power goes, and where it is most needed. And we look at the hardware and software you own to determine whether it really satisfies the requirements of your business and your consumers. In other words: we get where you’re coming from. And even more importantly, we get where you’re going.

Taking you to where you need to be Our IT support service isn’t only about helping you achieve the best possible use of your budget and resources: it’s about that too, but it’s also about looking at your future goals and helping you to get there. No small or medium business can achieve its full potential without the right hardware and software for the job, both now and in the future. Our IT consultancy looks at your goals first, and works to make your IT get you there.

IT Audits

Making your IT support work better

Make sure your IT systems are working as hard as they can be: and that your IT support is as flexible and useful as possible. Talk to our support engineers today about an IT audit: a full-spectrum analysis of your existing hardware and software solutions, with recommendations for future purchases, upgrades and security options.

Taking stock of your existing capabilities

Improving existing systems is one of the core roles of our IT support. We start by deconstructing what you have, and looking at ways it can be made to work better for you. We’ll look at every piece of hardware and every software licence. Then we’ll draw up a plan for improvement in line with your budget. We can deliver IT audit action as comprehensive as a full system redesign, or as simple as a recommendation for a free antivirus software package.

Working with you and your system

A successful IT audit starts with you. We need to know what your current and future requirements are, before we start recommending ways to redesign or build your hardware and software networks. Our IT audit team will never pressure you to specify your system to a level higher than your budget. A provider of IT support in Nairobi, we’re uniquely placed to find the right machines and software licences for your business.

Auditing your business security

Malware, spyware and traditional viruses are recognised dangers for the small and medium sized business – which is why it’s so important to keep your antivirus software in licence and up to date. We’re here to help you stay on top of the latest threats, and to assess the best antivirus programmes for your business needs. As your IT support partner, we’ll also keep an eye on your software licences and warranties, so you don’t lay yourself open to attack through a lapsed security measure.

Making your system work better on a budget

Often, it’s possible to improve the performance of your business systems without recommending any new purchases. Most business IT systems suffer from inherited problems: inefficient network design, which worsens over time as ad hoc additions are made to the setup. Our network engineers and business security experts can perform a full audit not just of what you have, but how it has been put together. We’ll iron out any kinks, and reroute any network elements that have been cobbled onto an original system. When we’re finished, your business systems will perform at their optimum level.

From cables to smartphones, we know what’s best for you

If we do need to recommend new hardware, we’ll match your budget and operational requirements in everything from network cables to smartphones. That means you get the best value for money, and the biggest performance too.

We only recommend software we use ourselves As an independent IT support company, we’re uniquely able to recommend software because it’s good for your business. We aren’t tied in to any relationships with distributors or developers. We spend a lot of time testing software packages, particularly antivirus programs. The software we recommend during your IT audit is endorsed by us as the most appropriate for what you want and can afford.

Data Backups

Why onsite data backup is the right way to protect your business

Data backup is important. As computers get increasingly powerful, they can store an enormous quantity of data (i.e., loads) – but they’re also more prone to falling over, and if they fall over before you’ve managed to do any data backup then you, and your business, are in serious trouble. What happens is this. You store tons of data on your super-fast, memory rich machine. Its complexity reveals itself to be frail when it experiences an irrecoverable system crash and six months’ worth of accounts, business files and data bite the dust. That kind of thing can sink a company forever – not to mention play merry hell with the taxman.

The temptation not to do regular data backup – I’ve got a brand new, super-duper machine, I’ll do my data backup next week – gets more and more overwhelming, the better one’s machine. And the potential for disaster grows ever greater. Really, all businesses should be running data backup on a daily basis. In today’s time- and resource-pressured world, who has time to recover even one day’s worth of lost work? The last thing a company should do before it closes down for the night is make sure its data backup routine has started, dumping copies of all business servers and hard drives into discrete, protected and difficult-to-destroy media. This kind of data backup is called onsite data backup – it encompasses any kind of safety routine that transfers data onto physical media other than that in which it was created. So, an onsite data backup routine might involve copying hard drives onto CD-ROM, DVD, or tape, and storing those items in a place separate from the location in which the original data exists. That way, a company has instant, daily access to its most recently backed up data. Onsite data backup is generally preferable to offsite data backup (where company data is backed up and stored in locations other than the site where that company runs its business) because of the time delay involved in retrieving data that has been backed up off site. One of the most effective methods of onsite data backup is email backup. Email backup simply involves emailing oneself (preferably to an external email account) copies of important files. That way, if the server on which that information is stored in-house goes down, a user can retrieve the latest versions of the info from the email servers of (say) Yahoo! or Google. That said, of course, there are security concerns raised by performing data backup through use of email accounts that fall outside a company’s purview – which is where the employment of outside agencies, who can best advice on good practice for data backup, comes in. Employing an external agency to advise on data backup is almost always the best way to generate ironclad data safety measures. External agencies can see the whole of your company’s data processes in an impartial light, which fits them well to offer solid tactical advice on how to perform workable data backup without interrupting your vital systems or the daily running of your business: or compromising security by making information potentially available to outside sources. An external agency like GCComp will come in, make a balanced assessment of your data backup needs, and offer practical advice on how to achieve the best data backup practices without disrupting normal operations.

Disaster Recovery

Keeping your business safe from harm

What will your business do in the event of a data disaster? Our IT support services include comprehensive data recovery and disaster recovery/prevention packages. We can remotely mirror your data, to ensure you have an up to date “Image” of your business in the event of a total hardware failure. Or we can come in to a business that’s already suffered a crippling data loss, and forensically retrieve the vast majority of your important files and programs using a temporary operating system.

We’ve got your back

Don’t know when you last backed up your vital business information? Don’t worry. Our remote IT support service includes regular data backups, which we can set to run automatically so you don’t have to do anything at all. Backing up data is the most efficient way to deal with a disaster: if you already have your vital transactions, records, invoices and orders mirrored on our servers, you can effectively continue trading until your own hardware has been checked, cleaned and rebuilt where necessary.

We know what data means to your business

Our engineers know exactly what data means for your business – and what happens to small and medium sized businesses when they experience a catastrophic data loss. Prevent yourself from becoming another statistic. Talk to us today about putting measures in place to safeguard your company against future data problems.

Circumstances bringing you down? We’ll get you up and running again in no time

Malicious attacks, fire and theft are all big causes of interrupted data service. Our disaster recovery packages are designed to ensure that you have virtually no downtime while we diagnose and fix the problem. With an ongoing IT management contract, we can keep a copy of your business offsite. While our engineers assess the damage to your onsite system, we activate your mirrored system, giving you the tools, you need to keep trading.

We’ll protect you against data loss you can’t see

Being protected against data disaster is the best cure of all. That means looking into your hardware as well as your software and backup options. If, for example, you’re overloading servers with too much data, the heat spikes caused by overworked CPUs can set off a temporary shutdown. If you lose orders that were in transit between your website and your internal systems at the time of the power down, you’ll never know. Our network engineers will recommend switches, cooling systems and network design solutions to combat the risk of unseen data loss.

Remote data protection can keep your business moving By remotely protecting your data (usually with a regular copy of your business, which is made automatically and stored in the servers at our own secure location), we’re able to immediately take up the slack in the event of a temporary or permanent data disaster. Our remote monitoring software can even warn us in advance of an impending problem, allowing us to head off potentially serious issues before they ever develop. Talk to us about our full IT support services today.

Let’s build something together, Call 079-054-2461 or use our contact page for more details.

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